Email the right people faster with Auto-Suggest.

Auto-Suggest helps you find the right contacts quickly by suggesting top and related email addresses as you compose an email.

Improvements you'll see with this new feature:

Top email addresses and rankings. As you type a name into the To, Cc, and Bcc lines, the most relevant email addresses are ranked and shown for you, saving you time in locating the right person. (Tip: Before typing anything, press the DOWN arrow to see the top six email addresses.)

Photos and names. Now instead of "", you'll see the full name and photo of the person you are emailing. Photos are shown from Facebook and Yahoo Profiles. To see as many photos as possible, be sure to link your Yahoo account to Facebook.

Smart suggestions. After you select the first person to email, Auto-Suggest shows people you tend to email with that person, making it faster to email groups together.

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This feature currently supports US (English). Learn more.